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Mike Dorsey - Technical Engineer/ Staff Engineer

Mike Dorsey, known to the studio’s staff and regular clients as “Mike D,” is the Chief Engineer at Music Shed Studios. In his role as the Chief Engineer, Mike D is responsible for the health and upkeep of the gear that brings the studio clients’ sessions to life. He is CEDIA-certified and an expert in both macs and PCs. His specialties include studio set up, integration and design, and Protools setup and operations. Mike D can also be found behind the console during many studio sessions, often handling larger ensembles such as choirs as well as a variety of voice-over and ADR sessions. In addition to serving as the Chief Engineer for Music Shed Studios, Mike D owns and runs his own company, Custom Audio and Video, where he provides technical assistance and support for home theaters, networks, and local clubs and music venues. A New Orleans-born drummer on the creative end of his talents, Mike D has been performing and collaborating with several groups and projects for 13 years.

AllMusic Credits: Mike Dorsey

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