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Chris Bailey - Owner

Chris Bailey is a founding member and co-owner of Music Shed Studios. Chris founded the studio with Betsy Alquist, having come to the table with years of entrepreneurial experience running Seven Oaks, a pre-school and kindergarten that he owns and operates with his wife and mother. In addition to Seven Oaks, Chris has pursued his passion in music education for more than 20 years via private lessons, and he currently holds positions as a teacher and assistant band director at Brother Martin High School. Prior to running both Seven Oaks and Music Shed Studios, Chris’ ventures in the business world started with a separate private studio that he started in 1993 as well as many successful years of performing, recording, and touring with the rock band Peabody. His experiences range across the musical spectrum from producer to engineer, arranger, songwriter, and avid performer. Chris has performed with symphonic orchestras, recording and touring bands, and drum and fife corps. Even today he can be found performing for occasional recording sessions for Music Shed clients.

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