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Music Shed Studios provides a recording environment unique to New Orleans. Our studio balances a comfortable vibe to complement the laid back nature of its mother city with a professional space designed to enhance creative workflow. At Music Shed Studios, we are as connected to the unique culture of the Crescent City as we are privy to the industry-standard results demanded from national and international clients. Our ownership, administrative staff, engineering staff, and professional partners all share native status and strong relationships with local musicians and producers. The staff at the Music Shed also shares a wide array of experience ranging from booking and recording absolute beginners who we can patiently guide every step of the way to working effortlessly with everyday professionals and deftly maneuvering the needs of A-list hall-of-famers with finesse. When we blend this regional family-like bond with our combined years of varied industry experience, the results that we are able to provide are truly outstanding.

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